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The name of Torroja comes from the existence of a Muslim tower in the 10th.and 11th.centuries whose name was "Torre Roja" (Red tower). It had been built as a vigilance and communication tower with the villages near it.

In 1270, the village was mentioned in the population permit of Poboleda, but the foundation of the village dates from 1261.

The place was within the Priorat d'Escaladei, which received the tithes and the first fruits, and administered the jurisdiction. Jaume II gave the direct domain and the "mer imperi" to the Count of Prades. In 1319 it had its own church.

During the Guerra dels Segadors, the monks of La Cartuja, and therefore, the villages of the Priorat, supported the "Causa Catalana" to fight against the invader Felipe IV.

Torroja, during the Guerra de Sucesión supported the Archiduque Carlos. Although there are few data about it, all seem to indicate the war did not have a big demographic influence on the village.

The village collaborated in the Guerra del Francès, by mobilising the "somatenes", and by financing it with its gold and silver.

The army of Napoleon entered in the village several times.

During the Guerras Carlinas the village was fortified and attacked by the Carlinos. In 1868 it was constituted the "Junta Rovolucionaria Local", which made the Town Hall to resign. It was cleared very early by the general commander of Tarragona.

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