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The Municipality

Geographical location

It is a municipality of the Priorat county, situated in the central part of the administrative county, and in the middle of the historical side of the Priorat.

The township has an area of 13.05 Km², and the river Siurana crosses it. There are also a few gullies, fountains and wells that provide water for the village.

The land is very irregular due to the presence of the last buttresses of the Sierra del Molló, formed by slates suitable for cultivating the vineyard.

The village is at a height of 331, and it is the only inhabited place of the municipality.


Economical activities

More than half of the township in waste, and shows some thickets, forests and grazing areas.

The most important activity is the agriculture. The vineyard is the most abundant crop. It produces an important quantity of wine that is very appreciated by its degree and taste.

There are another crops that are cultivated, although they are less important. They are the almond, the olive an the hazel trees. Almost all the cultivated lands are unirrigated.

In 1934 the Sindicat Agrícola was founded in Torroja. Nowadays the Cooperative makes the typical red wine of the Priorat, and it sells all the varieties that are bottled under the name "Unió".



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